X10 XSolar Charger

  • The hotest product of 2014. Its just not enough to have a power bank for your phone, you need XSolars 5000 mAh power bank and solar power charger. This is the best of both worlds, you can use it as a charger plugged into an outlet and also use it in the outdoors to charge any device. XSolar X10 XSolar Charger for $49.95 will charge your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, GPS Unit, Camera or any device imaginable. It includes a USB port charging cable, 6pc mobile tip for any device, 1 FREE carabiner and a user manual. Don't wait for a limited time get the XSolar Smart Charger at 50% off of $109 for ONLY $49.95.

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X10 XSolar Charger x 1 $49.95
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